Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tortilleria Sinaloa - God has Forgiven Upper Fells Point of its Sins.

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Damn! After eating at Tortilleria Sinaloa I hate Chipotle forever. Chipotle that used to be my only love.

If you want decent and affordable Mexican food, Tortilleria Sinaloa is the place to go. It is in Upper Fells Point. But don't tell people who lives in Fells Point that you call that area Upper Fells Point, or they will punch you in the face - several times. Just say its on Eastern Avenue, and you will save yourself some pain.Justify Full
I found Tortilleria Sinaloa by chance. Because of a severe case of sudden starvation in Upper Fells Point I was desperately looking for anything to eat. Even old soggy newspaper would do it, so hungry I was. Affordable food was important too, because I am cheap enough to choose death by starvation over paying too much for food. And too much for me is $3.00.

Anyway, I saw Tortilleria Sinaloa from the distance because it was packed with Latinos, people crowding around the door. I know, for being one, that Latinos have deadly allergies to expensive food, so I said to myself "You just found the answer to your prayers. Your miserable life has been given the grace to continue". There it was Tortilleria Sinaloa to save me from certain death by "scroogeness" (Sorry, I just had to invent a new word to describe my condition, so severe is the case).

Tortilleria Sinaloa offers all you know of Mexican food plus things that you thought weren't eatable or allowed by law like cow tongue. It is all very well-made and delicious. The presentation of the dishes is great, with bowls of fresh sauce and succulent lime slices.

The service is amazing, the owners really want you to feel great there, they make a point of it. The owners look like just plain white Americans. That is probably why the place is clean and sanitary. But even though the owners are Americans you have to request the English version of the menu that is deeply hidden among the paraphernalia on top of the fridge.

There are no tables. The place is small, what in this case means cozy not claustrophobic. You can sit on a counter looking at the the wall contemplating very nice decoration with Mexican motifs. Or you can sit on a counter at the window looking at Eastern Avenue realizing how Upper Fells Point must have been great 100 years ago, but it sucks really bad now.

Don't worry though, God forgave Upper Fells Point from all its sins and have sent Tortilleria Sinaloa for its salvation. Just pretend that you are a human being, get off the internet right now, and go spend your miserable $3.00 at Tortilleria Sinaloa. You may even start feeling some respect for yourself after eating there.

Oh! And don't forget to order the Sangria soda... and eat Cafe Justo's macaroon around the corner (see earlier blogpage).


  1. Also try Michelle's Cafe a little further down the street at 1832 Eastern Ave. They have the best Tamales ever! Across the street from that, there's a Hispanic bakery that makes the most beautiful looking pasteries I've ever seen. Delicious! and Cheap!

  2. you should not say : "The owners look like just plain white Americans. That is probably why the place is clean and sanitary."
    it makes me ask you : how many latino places have you been in your life? ...
    it is many nice latino places you should try, which are clean, full of nice people ready to serve you with scruptious food:
    michelle's cafe - 1832 eastern ave
    mi viejo pueblito - 601 s. conkling st
    arcos restaurant - upper fells point

    just to mention some...

    and also : affordable prices for good natural homemade food

    tacos at "taqueria sinaloa" are good... but even they are $3.50 (prices are going up constantly) your bill at the end is something around $25 ... think of getting a whole meal (appetizer, entree, dessert, drink) at mi viejo pueblito for $12

    I have visited many places, i like to know food from everywhere.


  3. I've put together a website for this wonderful tortilleria, please visit it at Tortilleria Sinaloa.

  4. Hi, well be sensible, well-all described

  5. I have lived in Fells Point and Upper Fells Point for 25 years. I never heard of anyone getting to jumpy about referring to north of eastern ave as Upper Fells Point.

  6. Wow, what a racist asshole.